The River of Life

The river of life flows as it should. Our days come and go like moments in time.

For each of us there was a time in our life’s when, if we could have, we would have stopped the river of life. We found a place in our lives where everything was just right, where we could have stayed forever. Oh! If we could have stopped time in the sunshine of that moment.

The river of life flows as it should. Our days come and go like moments in time.

A Comfort to Them All

In this life, there is sorrow and separation when a loved one dies. We begin to grieve and that grieving will last our lifetime. We miss them…we want to hold them once more.

A husband, a wife, a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, a grandparent, a grandchild… all of these and more are the essence of our grief in this life.

For each situation, there is a memory bear to bring comfort to them all…a memory bear to hold and hug as they remember their loved one.

Is Grieving Avoidable

Is grieving avoidable? There is no mandate to grieve. If you do not love or care for anyone or anything in this life, you will not have to grieve their loss. So, it is possible not to grieve.

Or is it? Won’t you miss not loving someone…appreciating them in your life and missing them when they are gone? Won’t you miss not being loved?

If the truth be told, grieving cannot be avoided. It is a part of our live. As surely as we care in their presence, we will grieve in their absence.


All that’s left is memories when a loved one leaves our presence. We grieve because we love. We cry to relieve the pain in our hearts. We smile as we remember. For each of us these moments come. All that’s left is memories.

Our Love Will Go On

DSC01312Though death may separate physically, it cannot remove someone from our heart or memory. Their presence will always be with us…our love will go on.