Between Birth and Death


Each life is a journey and each journey is a life. No two are alike, yet the same in many ways. The dash between the birth and the death date on any tombstone represents many journeys in life. Some were long and some not so long. There was laughter and heartache, winning and losing, ups and downs, hellos and goodbyes and through it all, the memories remain.

For Generations to Come

When the phone rings and a voice says that they would like to request some memory bears, I know that someone has lost a loved one, that someone is grieving. I listen as they tell me what they would like and who they have lost. We talk about the clothing they would like to use and for who the bears are for.

Each call is personal. Each family is someone that I can help by taking their loved ones clothing and creating bears that will have more meaning for them than even they can imagine at the time. The bears will be there for them to “hold and hug.” They will be there for the generations to come.

One Goes With The Other

Two words that are inseparable…

Love and Grief

If you love…you will grieve

and if you grieve…

it’s because you love

Two words…love and grief

One goes with the other…always

Never Gone

When a loved one dies, we miss their physical presence, but who they were and the memories they leave behind are never gone for they remain in your heart.

Make A Difference

A Memory Bears cannot bring your loved one back,

but can make a difference in their absence.