Our Life

Nobody wants to talk about it and we try our best not to think about it. It’s what happens to others, not us. As we get older, thinking about it comes more often, sometimes, too often. Everyone deals with it as best as they can.

It knows no age or season: is no respecter of person: is not discriminatory: often, comes unannounced and is very seldom welcomed. It is the most ignored part of life there is, yet it is inevitable for each one of us. Though death will come, it is living that we must focus on.

May we live our life to the fullest, cherishing and appreciating our times and those we know and love.

A Time for Everything

There is a time for everything…as the Bible says…a time for everything under the sun.  The hours, minutes and seconds in a day are measured by our instruments of time. Days come and go…one sunrise…one sunset, then another.

There is a time to be born and a time to die…and in between…a time to live, a time to love. We are born, we grow and we age…once a child…soon an elderly.

Like a Rose

The footsteps I heard yesterday, I cannot hear today.
The voice that I knew is beginning to fade away.
The moments that we shared are now my memories.
The love that was ours, in my heart will always be.

The reality of life slowly gives way to the memories of a lifetime. Memories, like roses, begin to fade and a petal here and there falls to the ground. The sound of their voice, the sense of their touch, the smell of their closeness, the look in their eyes like the petals of a rose, give way to time. Like a rose, you press the memories between the pages of your heart for as long as you live, as long as you love, you will remember.



Answers are silent. Acceptance hard…

then we realize the answer isn’t necessary to love, to grieve, to go on living.

Let It Go


We live our life the best we can in any given moment…at any given time. We do the best we can. Looking back and questioning those times can cloud and distort the reality of those moments like a “Monday morning quarterback” reliving Sunday’s game. Win or lose, what’s done is done. Let it go.