A Reason to Hope


Death separates us from the physical presence of our loved ones. We no longer see or hear them. We can hold only their memory now. They are dead. We are alive. Someday, death will call for each of us. One day, others will weep for us as we weep for those we have lost. With life, comes death.

Yet, there is reason to hope.

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain…

Rev. 21:4

Get Over It

Get over it. It’s time to move on. These and other bits of strong advice from others are heard by those who grieve. It seems it is always the one who is not walking in the shoes of grieving that claims to know what you should do.

The loss of a loved one is a complex experience that will last a lifetime. First, learning to accept the death of someone close, then learning to adjust to life without their presence is a lifetime experience.

Look at it this way: death does not affect the love you have for someone, but only changes the way that love is expressed. As you loved, so, too, will you grieve for grieving is an expression of your love. Heart-felt love doesn’t require a physical presence. This kind of love transcends all.

One Day at a Time


Plans are made…

dates are set…

anticipation is high.

A future time focused on.

Looking forward…yet,

like a journey,

life must be lived

one step…

one day at a time.


The Notion of a Memory Bear

The notion of a Memory Bear may seem juvenile to some; to other a personal way to remember a loved one. I found it is in the holding where one understands the unique therapy a memory bear has to offer.

Holding and hugging is a natural tendency of affection even when their physical presence is no longer with us. Then, the focus of affection turns to their clothing. We find ourselves holding and hugging a favorite blouse or shirt they wore. We want to hold them, but an article of clothing is all we have left.

This is why a memory bear made from your loved ones clothing becomes a timely object of affection regarding your loved one. They are two feet tall, soft and cuddly making them just right to hold and hug while you remember.

Easy to Hold and Hug

When a loved one is here, the desire to hug them is strong. When a loved one is no longer present, the desire to hug them is still there. A memory bear, made from your loved ones clothing, becomes that object of affection. A memory bear is easy to hold and hug while you remember them through your tears and smiles.