Until Then

There are times in life when status quo is interrupted for various reasons. For the next few weeks, Memory Bears will be off line. There are necessary renovations to be made and a bit of rest for me. In the meantime, there are many posts in the archives designed to help you in your situation.

Until then, be good to yourself.

A Life Thought


Don’t be afraid to live because someday you will die;

rather be afraid to die without ever having really lived.


Too Young…Too Soon

EPSON scanner imageFive years after my son’s death, I am doing okay. There are times when I start to cry without even thinking about Jon. Sometimes, I see or hear something that may bring a few tears and a memory; other times I cry without any prompt.

It’s not something I worry about. I think grief has become part of me, as my son is part of me. Both are with me, as one goes with the other. I celebrate Jon’s life and I am proud he is my son. I say “is my son” because he didn’t stop being my son when he died. He is my son who died, too young, too soon.

Appreciate Each Day


Reflections of yesterday,
Flashing in my mind.
Simpler times, youthful times,
Left so far behind.

Appreciate each day of your life…

they will, one day, be only a memory.


I Love You


With each beat of your heart, you remember…

With each tear, you recall the moments…

Each breath says, “I love you”…

I Love You!