Why Memory Bears

I think of the teddy bear of old that became a constant companion for many children. There, with them under the covers to keep them safe from the unknown that the darkness brought. The teddy bear was there as a companion that they could hold and hug and talk to, sharing the thoughts of their heart.

I think of the teddy bear of old and how it brought comfort to the child. I think of the child in each of us when the darkness of death surrounds us and the comfort we need when a loved one passes away. I think of the need to hold and hug as we remember. And I think…

Like the teddy bear of old…

Why Memory Bears?…Why not.


In A Moment

In a moment, as the blinking of an eye, life can change. That which is becomes that which was…a place at the table…a chair in the living room, now vacant.

Life can only be lived each day. Tomorrow is not ours and yesterday is gone. Life can only be lived each day. Let each moment have your attention. They matter.

While You Remember

In this life, there are beginnings and endings; a time to say hello and a time to say goodbye; a time of gain and a time of loss. It is during this time of loss when remembering your loved one becomes important.

Memory Bears are made from your loved one’s clothing and are there for you to “hold and hug” while you remember.

A Distant Shore

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me All the days of my life; And I will
dwell in the house of the Lord Forever. (Psalm 23:6 NKJV)

The dying often see and hear things that we cannot. It has been my experience working with the dying in hospice that there is more beyond this life. Anyone in hospice who has attended a death can tell stories that have no earthly explanation.

What the dying experience as they transcend this life remains a mystery. I personally believe in heaven and a loving God who made it possible for us to be there, someday. I look forward to reunions with loved ones again.

Whatever you believe about an afterlife…whatever your hope is beyond the grave, one thing is for certain by the accounts of the dying, there is beyond this life, a distant shore.

As You Remember

Memory Bears are personally created from your loved one’s clothing…

a tribute to the life and memory of the loved one no longer here…

there to hold and hug as you remember.