The Sun Will Shine Again

206 - Copy - CopyNo matter how gloomy the future seems with them, the sun will shine again…as though they are encouraging you to live your life and be happy…for them.

Your Best is Always Good Enough

A loved one dies. You beat yourself up for all the things you could have done…could have said; for all the things you shouldn’t have said or done. The negativity of grieving can be a vicious circle of regret and guilt.

All of a sudden, there is no more time. They are gone. The tendency to go negative is strong. The list of regret and guilt grows fast. Grieving will be harder than necessary. You have got to lose the negativity list. It has no bearing…it will only take you down.

It is time to remember one thing. You are human. You did your best in each circumstance. You did your best and your best is always good enough.

The Expression of Your Love

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If you love, you will grieve. One follows the other. To never grieve is to never have cared about someone. Grieving is hard. The pain pierces the heart and numbs the senses. The next step cannot be seen…the next moment cannot be imagined. Life, as you knew it, has stopped. Eventually, you will realize that as you loved so will you grieve for grieving is now the expression of your love.

Let the Good Memories Remain

“Til death do us part” is a familiar part of wedding vows. It could be applied to any close relationship in this earthly life, for each of us will eventually die.

Relationships are never perfect. There are moments better than others. Though we cannot arrive at perfection in the life, we can choose to focus on the good memories once a loved one is gone. Let the good memories remain.

A Memory to Hold

Your memory bear will be created from you loved one’s clothing…that favorite shirt or blouse or pieces of various clothing. That way, though not here physically, they are here in memory. Hugging your memory bear will bring you comfort as you remember them for now you have a memory to hold.