We keep track of time by our clocks and calendars. We schedule our days, weeks and months by them. Sometimes, there doesn’t seem to be enough time. Other times, there seems to be more time than we need.

Each life spends a certain amount of time on this earth. The amount is unknown, but is counting down each and every second of the day. Time is constant, neither slowing down or speeding up. What is done with that time is up to each life.



Gentle rain upon my brow,

Mix with my tears that flow.

Images of the past I see,

Memories from long ago.


Laughter, tears we shared it all,

‘Neath the trees of autumn leaves.

Summer walks and quiet talks.

So long ago these memories.


Angels on Earth

I believe we came into this world with God-given instincts to make it through. I believe, if we allow it, the world will rob us of those abilities and render us helpless. Each of us has the ability to say “hello” and to say “goodbye.” Each one of us, in our own way, can express what we need to at the appropriate time. A business of “how to” has been built around us with the message, “you don’t know how to do it unless we tell you.”

The one true help that we have available besides our God-given instincts is the dedicated and gifted individuals known as Hospice. If you have a need to call upon them, you won’t be disappointed. They never take over, but leave you in charge. They are there to help. It is the closest thing to “angels on earth” you will ever find.

Behind The Doors


Death is a part of life every day. We walk or drive by houses, often with no thought of what is going on in their lives. Are they happy? Are they sad? Is this a good day for them? What are their concerns, their hopes, and their dreams?

Behind any door on any given day, life plays out. Behind one door is a hospice nurse helping a family through the loss of their mother or father or child. Behind another there was a phone call informing them that someone they love has lost their life in an accident. Behind another door, they grieve a recent loss.

At one time or another, we all have been behind one of these doors. Maybe someone went by and wondered…Are they happy? Are they sad? Is this a good day for them?

Behind the doors of any town, death comes unnoticed as the world and our lives unfold. Take a moment each day for a thought and a prayer for those behind the doors in your life, in your town, in your world.

Being There


Those who choose not to feel your pain in this life, may miss you the most when your gone. It’s called regret from a lack of being there.