Time to Grieve, to Cry, to Think and Remember

A loved one passes away and the world, for a moment seems to stop. Arrangements have to be made, papers have to be dealt with, family and friends are everywhere; there seems to be no time to actually realize this is happening, no time to understand that your loved one is gone.

After the initial loss, there are smaller losses, which are all part of closure. Cleaning out a closet, re-arranging a room, making decisions without them, are some of the things eventually done to be able to move on.

The hardest part anyone has in requesting Memory Bears is in parting with their loved ones clothing. That article of clothing that was favored by your loved one will need to be cut and patterned to create the memory bear.

One important thought to remember is that there is no hurry; there are no deadlines to meet for any of the events that follow the death and burial of your loved one. You need time to grief, to cry, to think, to remember.

Take the time for it and the memories are most important right now.

Your Presence Makes All The Difference

Comfort of presence would be nice,
Instead of all the confusing advice.
You are here and that’s what matters to me,
Your presence makes all the difference.


I wish there was something you could say,
That would make a difference for me today.
But there are no words to speak away…
The pain within my heart.


It’s not the words that you might say,
That really matters to me today.
But just to know that you are here,
Your presence makes all the difference.


Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved


The Sun will Rise on a New Tomorrow

                                       Thoughts from a gentler time
                                          easing through my mind.
                                       sounds from a distant place
                                           memories left behind.


When death brings separation from a loved one, the day becomes as night. The very air of life disappears, it seems, and you are disconnected for a time from all that you know and love. Someone you care deeply about is gone from your presence.

For the moment, life stands still. There is no sense of tomorrow or the day after, only a present sense of pain. It appears to you that life cannot go on without them.

Each experience of loss varies, but the pain of separation is common in all. The time that passes before this pain subsides and allows the possibility of a tomorrow can be very different for each one. The initial experience seems like forever, but is temporary.

The sun will rise on a new tomorrow and life will go on. Life as you know it will have changed, but life does go on and your grief adapts to that life. The memories left behind will become a soothing balm as each day passes and thoughts of a gentler time will begin to ease through your mind as you smile and remember.


You Are With Me


Grief is an experience for community, for family and friends to share, for others to show they care. In its truest sense, grief is an individual experience.

The expression of grief takes many forms. Most cry, some don’t. At times, there is anger, denial and a sense of hopelessness. There is pain. There is loneliness. There is loss. There is the wonderment of, “What will I do now?”

We each could write a book about our grief; one for a spouse, one for a child, one for a parent, a brother or a sister, a friend. Though we have our individual grief, we are a community, together. Remember that! You are never alone.

Though I walk through the valley of death, You are with me.


Ask While You Can

So many questions and no one to ask,

How much I wonder about the past.

Took it for granted my whole life through,

Now, they’re all gone, what can I do.

Your heritage is important. Don’t let your questions go unanswered…

Ask, while you can.