Always Within

When a loved one dies, they are no longer here physically, but they are always within your heart. Their memory lives on…who they were is intertwined with who you are. Always remember that they are always within.



The word, “Aloha” is interesting for it says “hello” and also “goodbye”. As with every beginning, there is an end…so, too, with every “hello” there is a “goodbye”. It is so important make the most of the time between.


An Old Saying

Life is a good place to be with our husbands or wives and children around us. We go day to day enjoying their presence. When our eyes open each morning, we know they will be there. Our life is good and complete with them in it.

There is an old saying, “You don’t miss the water ‘til the well runs dry.” I have heard this saying since I was a little girl. It is as a wife and mother that I truly understand what it means when the well runs dry.

For some of us, a husband, wife, or child is missing from our presence. Our days are less without them. The water is gone…the well has run dry.

No matter how much attention you pay to a loved one, when they are no longer here you think of how you could have given them more of your time. Maybe you could have, maybe you couldn’t. All you can do is the best you can. Appreciate your water while you have it…then let the memories fill your well.

What if…


What if…

today were the day before I die.

Would it make a difference?

Would I worry about the things I do?

The plans I have in a week or two?

Would I take the time to spend

With my family and my friends?

Would I want to make the most

Of every moment that I can?…

What if?


A Chance to Get It Right  


Awakening to a new day,

Another day of life is yours.

An opportunity to do or redo,

A chance to get it right.


One of the greatest and often unnecessary sufferings of grief is a creation of human nature called regret. You live your life, day by day, and hope to get it right. You do your best with the time you have and the schedule you need to keep.

When your day is over, you remember the phone call you didn’t make, the project you were reluctant to start, the bill you forgot to pay, the misunderstanding you need to set right and perhaps, other good intentions that never happened today.

It seems there isn’t enough time in one day, enough of you to go around. Getting everything done in a day can be a challenge. If you give it your best each day, that’s all you can do. If tomorrow is yours, you have another chance to get it right. Either way, do not regret, you did your best. God will resolve the rest.