Had I Known

Had I known you would be leaving,

I would have stayed.

If you had said, “ it’s just this evening,”

I would have known.


Had I known after that moment,

You would be gone.

I would have taken the time to tell you,

How much I care.


Our Lives get busy and have a way of getting away from us.

Our time becomes driven before we know it.

Then, before we realize, life comes to an end.

The only time we can be sure of is the present moment…

Use the time wisely.


“May your memories linger always”



Hug Someone Today


Have you ever thought about our tendencies, those built-in reactions we have to the experiences we encounter each day. If we care for someone, we hug. If we haven’t seen someone in awhile, we hug. When we go through a time of loss, we hug. When we celebrate something joyful, we hug. One of our greatest emotional expressions is a hug. In fact, in every situation, we can find a reason to hug someone.

Hug someone today…you’ll both be the better for it.



Have you ever noticed how blogs age. One reads today’s blog, maybe yesterdays and the day before, but what about six months ago; a year ago. For those who grieve and have the time, there is an archive of information on this blog that may help you. I hope you find just what you need.

If you think about it, we are like blogs. We live and experience; we gain wisdom; we grow old, joining the multitude of seniors in our society.

Maybe, if we’re blessed, someone recognizes that we have an archive of information that we have gathered through the years. Mostly, we are seen as old; someone sees only our “today.”  They don’t take the time to look at our “yesterdays” and find within a wealth of information that may help them.

“We may live in the present, but we learn from the past.”


Bears for Christmas

All the memory bear requests for Christmas are ready for shipping. Though families will still be grieving, being able to hug a memory bear made from their loved one’s clothing will help.  May the comfort only the Christ Child can give be with each grieving family member this Christmas and all year long and may God bless us, everyone.

Do This for Them

For many, this is the first Christmas without that special one who died this past year. Their tears reflect the lights of a tree that isn’t as cheerful. The carols bring no joy to their hearts which ache at the sight of an empty chair. There are no words to speak, only silent support…just being there and allowing them to grieve. Do this for them.