The Hope Beyond


When death comes, there is often no celebration,
only sadness and a sense of loss.
All too often, death leaves a feeling of hopelessness and finality.
Death is here
Sadness prevails
No smiles, only tears
When will the rain stop?
The end is here
This is too soon
No laughter, only gloom
When will the rain stop?
It’s over now,
What can I do
No hope, only doom
When will the rain stop?
If ones hope does not go beyond this life, there is no hope.

I have found hope in the scriptures.
I have found the words of John 3:16 to be an eternal comfort.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him, shall not perish,
but have everlasting life.”


Don’t Let Time Slip Away

Life and relationships have their difficulties. We don’t always agree with one another. Sometimes, we let stubbornness and pride rob us of the time we have together. Then, when we least expect it, life ends for one and any opportunity to make things right is gone. We are left helpless with a burden of regret.

Don’t let time slip away. Don’t let the sun set on your anger. Don’t wait until it’s too late. The time to make things right is now, this moment…it is all you have. There’s no promise of tomorrow; there’s only today. Don’t let time slip away.

Preparing for the Unexpected

I knew it wouldn’t last forever, but somehow I hoped it would. Too good to last was what I kept thinking, too good to last. Did I make the best use of the time, did I do all I could. Hopefully, I will find smiles in the memories, not regret.

Could I have focused more on the time we had? I seemed so unaware of the time, so surprised when it ended. How could I have known?

What words do I wish you would have heard more often? What could I have told you, what could I have showed? So much doubt, no more time.


The questions and thoughts that come from a death unexpected, unannounced. One minute life and time, then in the blink of an eye, life and time were gone.

How do you prepare for the unexpected, for death coming without notice?

Try this…

For a few moments, in the privacy of your own thoughts, imagine someone you care about is gone. You cannot see or talk to them anymore. They are gone.

Believe they are gone…time has run out…what’s done is done…then think about what you wish you would have said, what you wish you would have done while they we’re still here. Think how you will feel if it really happens and you have no more time. For a few moments, feel what it would be like, really feel it.

Then, try this…

Love, cherish, and celebrate the time you have, for you now can begin to know what it would be like without them. Sometimes, a little imagination can help us avoid a lot of unnecessary pain and regret.


“In the Darkest of Night, There is the Light of Day”

“In the darkest of night, there is the light of day.”

A line from a poem reminds me that no matter how dark and hopeless life can get, there is always a brighter day to come. The loss of a loved one is a very dark and difficult time. A time when it seems that morning will never come again. But, morning does come and we go on with our lives and as darkness gives way to the dawn, we remember.

Memory Bears are a good way to remember; they are there “to hold and hug”.

Time Flies By

Have you ever noticed how time flies by. Once you were young…now your getting senior discounts. More than that, those you have know all your life have aged with you and, sadly, some are no longer here.

Life…time…once was…now, no more. The fields of summer give way to the snows of winter; we live and we die. We are followed by another generation and another and they too learn how time flies by.