Never Gone

When a loved one dies, we miss their physical presence, but who they were and the memories they leave behind are never gone for they remain in your heart.

Make A Difference

A Memory Bears cannot bring your loved one back,

but can make a difference in their absence.

While You Can

Without the moments, there are no memories. Like money, time should be spent wisely. Time cannot be saved nor will it wait for you. Here, today, is your time…be with them while you can.

Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow

Life is unpredictable.

If there is something you need to do or say…

don’t wait until tomorrow.

Planning is Important

We plan for trips, careers, weekends, etc. yet do not plan for events with greater impact. Having life insurance is important, unless you know you’re not going to die. Now that I have mentioned dying, just in case you do, planning your funeral is very helpful for those you will leave behind. What if you become very sick or injured, but you can be kept alive with life support machines…wouldn’t you like a say in that decision? Does anyone know your wishes? Are you sure? Planning is important.