Take A Minute

The loss of someone close leaves an emptiness that never goes away. With time, there is a sense of acceptance, but never a moment when the heart stops missing their presence. Life just isn’t quite the same without them.

It is said, “You don’t miss the water until the well runs dry.” This is true in our relations with others. Time spent together can become routine and taken for granted. This life is temporary. Every hello has a goodbye.

Take a minute now and then to remind yourself that this someone close to you won’t always be there, nor will you. It will help you remove the “routine” from any situation and appreciate someone more.



It happens. Time runs out. Guilt sets in. Regret begins. Opportunity is gone. No chance to make it right. No do-overs. No bridge to yesterday. Only regrets.

Don’t let time run out. Today is for living…loving…letting someone know you care…showing them…being there…listening…helping…asking…praying…being.

Carpe Diem

Death. An event we all have to face, yet don’t care to talk about it or think about it. Facing the thought of dying is not easy, but it is the secret to living. To become aware of the fact that life is temporary, is the best way to begin each day. Time is a gift not to be taken for granted. Live each day the best you can. Carpe Diem!

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. – Helen Keller

Each Morning

Each morning, I find myself in anticipation of what they day may bring. I set my focus on making the most of the time this new day brings. I want to be in each moment with those present. I want to be in each memory with those no longer here. When I walk into the Memory Bear shop and begin working on the next request, I know I will be helping this family with their grieving and their memories. I smile and begin to create their memory bears.

God has made this day; I choose to be thankful and glad.

My Friend

My friend is there every morning when I face another day without you in it. My friend listens when I need to share my feelings and is always by my side. My friend is ever patient…ever available to listen without judging or advising. I sit with my friend and remember the times of our lives. We hug, my friend and I, when there are no words…only tears. Thank you, my friend, for being there.


Memory bears are there to hold and hug as you remember through your tears.