Loving and Grieving

Two words that go hand in hand, yet are as different as happy and sad. Two words that intertwine into one at various times in our life. Two words, loving and grieving, sharing one lifetime. To love is to grieve someday and to grieve is because you loved. Loving and Grieving are both part of two lives together.

To Hold and Hug


Memory Bears are made to hold and hug

while you remember.

I Remember You

Each time you hold and hug your Memory Bear,

“I Remember You” echoes in your heart.

A Hug

When there are no words…when how you feel is beyond any expression you can speak…let hugs say it for you. There is nothing that says it better than a hug.

Remembering the Footprints You Left Behind

Each of us leave footprints on our journey through this life. Often, as the sound of a train in the darkness of midnight, we pass by. Each of us touch the paths of others on one road or another. Each of us make a difference whether it seems that way or not. As you love someone, so, too, someone loves you and someday they will be remembering the footprints you left behind and their heart will smile.