The Blessings in Our Daily Lives

You don’t miss the water until the well runs dry. I am sure you have heard that statement before, but have you taken the time to think about its meaning.

We so easily take for granted what is available to us everyday. From water to friends and family to freedom…all are taken for granted that they will be here.

Until they are not…then a simple saying rings true. While we can, let us appreciate, rather than take for granted, the blessings in our daily lives.


Thanks For The Memories

When someone we care about dies, we grieve. We miss their presence in our life. Through it all, we remember them in our hearts. Thanks for the memories.

Now is All That is Certain

“A moment’s thought…a hug…and you are near once more, if only in my memory. Your favorite sweater feels warm and comforting next to my skin.”
Memory bears do not replace your loved one, but they do bring comfort as you close your eyes, hold them close and remember. Life is fragile. Cherish the time you have together now, for now is all that is certain.

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time in a far off land…and with those words begins a tale of adventure and romance that always seem to end with…happily ever after.

Unfortunately, real life reflects very little of the magic of a fairy tale. There are hurts and disappointments and struggles beyond our strength. Often, endings are anything but happy. There are regrets and pain.

Though we all would like fairy tale beginnings and endings, the real world doesn’t work like that. We have the choice to hide behind make believe castle walls or embrace life with its pain and disappointments. Through it all, there is happiness to be found if we are willing to stay the course.


Yours Alone

One of the loneliest experiences in life is personal grieving. That grieving that only you experience because only you walked in those shoes of life; only you know the love you have; only you know the grieve you have now. It’s your grief, no one else’s.

Your grief comes from the love you have; the moments you shared in this life and the absence you now experience. Your grief is an expression of your love…yours alone.