A Ministry of Love

In this life, there are beginnings and endings; a time to say hello and a time to say goodbye; a time of gain and a time of loss. It is during this time of loss when remembering your loved one becomes important. Memory Bears are made from your loved one’s clothing and are there for you to “hold and hug” while you remember.

I invite you to consider the information on my website, Memory Bears by Bonnie…”A Ministry of Love”, regarding the use of Memory Bears to remember and cherish a loved one.

In the Meantime

There are two significant events in this life; birth and death. On a tombstone there are the birth and death dates. In between is a dash that can be referred to as “In the meantime”.

We are born into this world and someday we will leave by way of death’s door. We have little to no control over either of these events. What we can do is do the best we can with the “dash” we are given.

Between birth and death, each dash is of different lengths…shorter for some than for others. Do the best you can…make full use of the dash you have “in the meantime”.


Memories of yesterdays are precious to our hearts. Often, memories are bitter-sweet and difficult to recall. We tend to focus on the bitter side of things and create much heartache for ourselves. Yesterdays cannot be changed. They can only be accepted.


Death of a loved one is tough enough without adding to it by grieving over what you could have said or done…or what you shouldn’t have said or done. Avoid the extra grief…make good choices while they are alive…not from self-centered pride or anger, but from an other-centered heart. You won’t live to regret it.

Views in Life

The two main views in life are looking ahead when you are young and looking back when you are old…the anticipation of youth and the wonders of age.

In youth, we are invincible with the world waiting, as we envision our life ahead. There is nothing we can’t do and no heights we can’t obtain. We are truly invincible!

In aging, we find the idealism of youth a far cry from the reality of our world. No longer invincible, we begin to anticipate our own death, our own reality. We are truly wise!

As the cream always comes to the top, so do the realities of life and the wisdom of age.