We Live Our Allotted Days

“We live our allotted days…we only have to die on one of them.”

We have heard that we should have our affairs in order for that particular day. This is good advice and highly recommended.

But, how about having our affairs in order to live each day?

Is our attitude ready to meet the day?

Do we keep putting off calling someone who needs to hear from us?

Is there something we can do to live each day better than the day before?

You might ask other questions. It is your day…your life and only you know how to best prepare for each day.

If we prepare for the day we die…doesn’t it make even more sense to prepare for each day that we are given to live?

“We live our allotted days…we only have to die on one of them.”


A Key to Good Memories


Every relationship begins with a hello…every relationship ends with a goodbye.
Our interactions with others in this life are what we make it by our choices. Treat others as we would like to be treated is a key to good memories.

Echo in the Wind

Images of times past,
Faces of family then.
Memories of long ago,
Voices echo in the wind.

Each day, we remember,
Each day and then another.
We smile through our tears,
As memories echo in the wind.

It is Always a Good Idea

More than one request for memory bears has come from a family who was told about them, but had never been to this website.

As you learn about the bears and read the articles posted here, you might think of someone who could benefit from this ministry.

Whether it is the bears or the writings on this site that a family needs; only God knows. Often, a person will cross our mind in the course of a day. We may think to call them or stop by, even email or send an old fashioned letter. Wow! Who would have ever thought a letter would sound old fashioned.

It is my experience that when a person comes to mind, there is a reason. Reaching out to them is always a good idea.



Moments in time.

A record of each day lived.

Once made, cannot be undone.