A Matter of the Heart

Grief is the experience of losing someone close to you: the closer the relationship, the greater the grief. The exact experience of grief is different and unique.

From the early years of childhood, grief has been part of our life. Children even include grief in their imaginative play. Though the play is imaginative, the sense of grief is real, but not totally understood by a small child.

For each one, whether child or adult, grief is uniquely personal. The characteristics of grief are the same, but the depth, breadth, and height are individualized. One could say that grief is a matter of the heart.

A Distant Shore

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me All the days of my life; And I will

dwell in the house of the Lord Forever. (Psalm 23:6 NKJV)

 The dying often see and hear things that we cannot. It has been my experience working with the dying in hospice that there is more beyond this life. Anyone in hospice who has attended a death can tell stories that have no earthly explanation.

What the dying experience as they transcend this life remains a mystery. I personally believe in heaven and a loving God who made it possible for us to be there, someday. I look forward to reunions with loved ones again.

Whatever you believe about an afterlife…whatever your hope is beyond the grave, one thing is for certain by the accounts of the dying, there is beyond this life, a distant shore.




Only two letters, but a very big word…If. We can end up saying it often when we make a wrong choice or neglect to do something. “If I’d  paid more attention” “If I’d listened more” “If I’d spent more time”. If…If…If.

Regrets are always summed up by If. Though we cannot reach perfection and there will always be an If now and then, we can strive to eliminate as many Ifs as possible. Let’s try spending more time…paying more attention…listening more. By improving on these, a lot of Ifs will be eliminated from our lives.

To Hold and Hug

017A memory bear is always there to hold and hug through your tears.

Cherish the Moments

Maybe every moment is not all you’d like it to be…maybe you tend to rush through too many moments in the day…maybe…

Here’s the thing; cherish each moment for what it is for it is a moment you can never get back. Once gone, each moment is a memory. Make each moment the best memory you can…cherish the moments.