When Sleep Comes

sharon 7

The road home is longer than it used to be,
Seems like miles to the place I knew.
Fewer footprints in the dust I see
So many gone into history.

As I get older, there are road of life is longer behind me than it is ahead. Hopefully, there are many miles to go before I sleep, but only God knows.

For each of us, there is a time to be born and a time to die. As we say goodbye to loved ones along the way, someday loved ones will be saying goodbye to us. While we are blessed with life, we should cherish each day and those we love and know along the way. Then, when sleep comes, it will be peaceful for all.

The Robins of Spring

Outside my window yesterday, I spotted a large flock of robins. Their reddish-orange breasts were a welcome sight against the white snow of late winter. Many of them were snuggled in an evergreen tree; so many that the tree was moving with their presence.

I smiled and a tear found it’s way down my face as I remembered a time past when I had spotted the robins of spring and was able to share the sight with my mother. I thought of her and my heart missed her as if it were yesterday and she was here with me. For a moment my mother and the robins of spring were here once more, if only in my heart.



I see you in the shadows

And in the light of day.

You’re in the morning sunrise

And in the sunsets ray.

Memories become part of our life each day. Without conscious effort, we think of our loved one and see them in the moments in each day. We remember a sunset shared; a walk together in the morning sunrise; sitting, no words spoken, listening to the quiet of the evening. In the shadows…in the light of day…just around any corner…or behind the ring of a phone…

we find ourselves remembering.


24 Hours to Live

If we knew we only had 24 hours to live, what would we put off until tomorrow.

Have you ever thought about it? Procrastination, low priorities and hard feelings may waste more of our time than we might think.

For most of us, I am certain if we found out, at this moment, that we only had 24 hours left, there would be such a panic and scurrying around such as has never been seen since the fox got into the hen house.

I have witnessed families and patients in hospice who were trying to catch up for time lost by poor choices. Now they truly only had 24 hours left. It was heartbreaking to see. All that can be gained by a situation like that is pray that those who are left start making better choices, especially regarding family.

Maybe, what we consider important may not be very important measured by only having 24 hours left to live. Time is not necessarily on our side. We never know how much time we have left. 24 hours may not be that farfetched. 24 hours may be a good thought to keep in the back of our minds to keep us from taking time for granted, to keep procrastination at bay and to re-think our priorities. We have no promise of tomorrow. We have today…this moment.

“There is a time to be born and a time to die”

Each Phone Call

I received a phone call yesterday from someone who had just received her memory bears. I could hear the excitement in her voice as she told me how much she liked the bears…how they were just what she had hoped for. “Thank you, so much” were her parting words, “I love them.”

This wasn’t the first phone call I have received and it won’t be the last. Each one is unique for each one is from the heart of someone who has suffered the ultimate loss of a loved one. Each phone call is from someone special to me.