Death Is Never A Disappointment

In life, there can be many disappointments: in our jobs, our plans, our relationships, our hopes and our dreams. One thing in this life, thought, is never a disappointment. Death may come unannounced, but it comes.

The one sure thing after your born is that you will die one day. The only way to be ready is to live each day the best we can; appreciate the moments and the people in them. Then, when death comes, you won’t be disappointed.

For Each One That Grieves

A package arrives. Within is some clothing. A family grieves…a loved one is gone. The material provided will be transformed into a memory bear that will provide comfort to those left behind. For each one that grieves, a memory bear waits to be part of the healing process…part of the memories.

It’s Just a Bear

Your Memory Bear is nothing magical or a replacement for your loved one. It’s just a bear made from some clothing your loved one once wore. Your memory bear can’t talk, but it can listen and is always ready for your hugs.

What makes your memory bear special is being able to hug, through your tears, the memories that you and your loved one shared. It is in those moments that your memory bear becomes a special part of your life.

A Thought for Monday


Time, unlike money, cannot be saved or more acquired.

Spend wisely, what time you have.


Appreciate Now


Life is unpredictable. We cannot say what tomorrow brings…even the next hour. Time is precious and isn’t given to be wasted. Appreciate now.