Close Your Eyes

When it is hard to remember…when you can’t seem to focus on those moments, just close your eyes and see with your heart.


For each of us there is only today. Tomorrow is not promised and yesterday is a memory. Take one day…this day…at a time.


Hope is very necessary to get through the worst of times. Hope is that which keeps us going. Hope is what we must have for life’s journey. Whatever you do, hang onto Hope.

In the Midst of Your Sorrow

In the midst of your sorrow, there is joy…there must be joy. How could you be so sad if you had not known such happiness? How could you miss someone you never knew? Yes. They are gone from your presence, but in the midst of your sorrow, celebrate the joy.


Memory Bears blog will be offline for a short time while moving to a new location. My phone number will not change, so if you want to request memory bears, just give me a call. Be sure to make good memories everyday. Later